I am a writer whose personal and professional pursuits centre around storytelling with a purpose. My belief is that when creativity, art, and expression combine with research and critical thinking, meaning is made.

I studied Communication Studies at Carleton University before moving to Toronto to pursue a Master of Arts in Communication and Culture. My participatory research project “Media Making at Youville Centre” strengthened my facilitation and communication skills while also further instilling in me the value of working with and learning from peoples and communities.

I am currently pursuing leadership and creative challenges within Student Affairs Creative at Ryerson University, a marketing, design, and storytelling department that amplifies the departments within Student Affairs, including the Career Centre, Student Learning Support, Student Life, Health and Wellness, and Housing and Residence LIfe. In my role, I lead the RU Student Life team and brand, encouraging my student team of videographers, writers, and social media managers to create and share visual and written stories about the Ryerson and broader communities they are a part of, and challenging them to seek out and tell critical and thought provoking stories. As Lead Hand of SA Creative I also lead our team of staff who work tirelessly in creative design, strategy, campaign management, and storytelling.

I am a creative and prose writer and I dabble in video and photography making. I follow feminist, queer, and decolonial movements and have worked in academic tutoring, public health promotion and mental health advocacy, and youth leadership and mentorship. My musings here represent a range of thoughts and reflections on professional and personal pursuits that I find important enough to share.

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