Throwing and Growing

Early in April, I had my first class in a ten week pottery course, the first fine arts class I’ve taken since grade 8. That same week, I participated in the first of five sessions as part of a train-the-trainer workshop for Thrive RU, essentially my first foray into group therapy. Each Tuesday in April, I rolled out of bed, biked down to campus, and began my morning in a session with a collection of other folks across RyersonSA, and we worked through the five-factor model of resilience, guided by Dr. Diana Brecher. Later, I rode up to Clay Design to learn how to wedge, center, throw, tool, and glaze to make creations all of my own.

personal narrative in academic writing

The following is an amended version of a reflection I posted to a private blog I share contributing to with fellow writing tutors and student support staff at Ryerson University, but I felt the discussion was wide-ranging enough to share to a broad audience to add my voice to the conversation about academic writing and creativity.

creative goals at yoga

Searching for a little inspiration, when a friend of mine here in Toronto asked if I wanted to try out a yoga class called Yoga for Creative Health, I thought ‘why not?’ With some encouragement from my best friend and yoga guru – “I love that you are always trying new and cool stuff!” – I headed to the creative yoga class and found myself making a four week commitment to yoga practice and creative activity. The instructor asked us to commit to a creative goal of any sort that we could work on throughout the month and share our progress, challenges and successes with the group. Through yoga practice, to which I am a hopeful beginner, we are opening our bodies and minds to creative thought and action in whatever way we are inspired.