We Believe You: A Colouring Book for Survivors and Supporters

For a period of several months, I was brought on to assist in the development of resources for survivors of sexual violence, through the Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education, lead by Coordinator Farrah Khan. Farrah and I worked with artist Karen Campos to develop a colouring book for survivors and supporters that offers ten affirmations – five things you can remind yourself for self-care, and five things you can say to someone who discloses.

Download the Colouring Book for free, here.

The resource was launched on March 24th, 2016, the day the justice system in Canada proved yet again it did not believe survivors nor hold perpetrators of violence accountable, when the judge acquitted Ghomeshi of all charges. In solidarity with survivors across Ryerson’s campus and in the community, we hosted a #WeBelieveYou Crafternoon, offering a space for community members to come together and draw, create, reflect. The #WeBelieveYou Colouring Book was launched in this space and online and other cities were invited to participate by hosting their own crafternoons.

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