On Leading Leaders Through Facilitation

While I have been in leadership roles in the past, my role in Student Affairs at Ryerson has me in my first supervisory role “officially”, and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what leadership means, and I’ve been assessing my own performance as much as I have been thinking about how the students I work with can do even better in their work.

The Little Successes that Have Meaning

When I started this blog, I was beginning my two year graduate degree, a beginning that now feels ages ago. Now, another fall cycle has begun and I’m in my third year living in Toronto having jumped into an entirely new role as a student affairs professional. With this transition has come increased anxiety as well as excitement, all mixed together and changing with each moment. I have, however, had the chance to celebrate some first successes in my new role, a space where I feel supported to experiment as well as to fail, and it’s been these successes that have propelled me forward even in my moments of doubt. Today I had the pleasure of sharing a students’ personal reflection to the wide audience and when he told me it meant a good deal to him, it was as meaningful a success as I could hope for.

personal narrative in academic writing

The following is an amended version of a reflection I posted to a private blog I share contributing to with fellow writing tutors and student support staff at Ryerson University, but I felt the discussion was wide-ranging enough to share to a broad audience to add my voice to the conversation about academic writing and creativity.