project conclusion

It really is remarkable how much we can change over the course of a short period of time. Whether it’s a new environment that stirs something we’ve not felt before, a new group of people we surround ourselves with who prompt a new course of thought or expose us to further points of view, or a new challenge we dedicate ourselves to and that in turn changes us in the process (or, the wild ride that is the combination of any of these). The past two years have been just that for me, a new set of challenges, in a new space, surrounded by thought-provoking and thought-full people.

media-making: my MA project

I figured it was about time I put out into the world what I am spending the next year dedicated to – my Master’s Project. My program at York offers a unique option to produce a Project rather than a Thesis or Major Research Paper. The project option is as wide-ranging as it sounds – my friends and fellow cohort are producing installations, animations, short documentaries, moving-image pieces, video games, and websites. The idea of creating a project was what attracted me to the program in the first place – as it offers a challenge I haven’t attempted yet in my academic career. A project considers the value of research through the act of “making” and allows for a chance to display and celebrate academic work displayed through non-traditional means.