Throwing and Growing

Early in April, I had my first class in a ten week pottery course, the first fine arts class I’ve taken since grade 8. That same week, I participated in the first of five sessions as part of a train-the-trainer workshop for Thrive RU, essentially my first foray into group therapy. Each Tuesday in April, I rolled out of bed, biked down to campus, and began my morning in a session with a collection of other folks across RyersonSA, and we worked through the five-factor model of resilience, guided by Dr. Diana Brecher. Later, I rode up to Clay Design to learn how to wedge, center, throw, tool, and glaze to make creations all of my own.

What We Should Learn From #OscarsSoWhite: Broadening The Context

I’m not particularly interested or invested in popular culture, but I do enjoy a good film. I love a good film, in fact, and I love admiring cinematography, incredible performances, and thought-provoking writing. I don’t, however, enjoy seeing essentially the same people celebrated, year after year, for their accomplishments in the arts while other performers and creators are left out. Even more, I am frustrated, exasperated, at those people having to explain over and over again why their exclusion is part of a bigger picture, a bigger, historical, and systemic injustice that repeats itself in the myriad ways that systemic things do.

On Leading Leaders Through Facilitation

While I have been in leadership roles in the past, my role in Student Affairs at Ryerson has me in my first supervisory role “officially”, and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what leadership means, and I’ve been assessing my own performance as much as I have been thinking about how the students I work with can do even better in their work.