I haven’t been writing; I have been writing

I haven’t written on here in a long time, clearly. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. Though I didn’t carry my notebook with me as much this summer, there are still plenty of word-doodles and thoughts and half-finished paragraphs in my books, on my phone, and in my head.

My friend and I started a private blog in the summer and it has been such an incredible space for private self-reflection shared just between us. A shared-diary of sorts, I gravitated quickly to writing short blurbs, thoughts, poems, and other musings there, rather than here. I’m not sure why I defined the spaces so differently for myself, but I did.

I’ve also been writing for work. The following are some of the blogs I’ve been contributing for Ryerson Student Affairs’ community blog.

Actionable Insights from #PSEWEB – August 19, 2014

We’re Already There: Conference Reflection from HighEdWeb – January 7, 2015

It Can’t Be Business as Usual – June 1, 2015

It Can’t Be Business as Usual: Walk the Talk – June 16, 2015

Creative’s CACUSS 2015 Conference Reflection: An Acrostic Poem – June 19, 2015

It Can’t Be Business as Usual: Tending Your Garden – July 20, 2015

PSEWEB 2015: Creative Conference Takeaways – October 7, 2015

And there’s more in the works. I swear.

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