keeping grounded

At my job at the Writing Centre we are encouraged to think reflectively and critically at our experience on the front-lines of student learning support, which has led me to thinking about my own writing process, goals, and experiences.

One thing I have started reflecting on is how lucky I am to have grasped the English language as well as I have. I often forget what a confusing, illogical and frustrating language English really can actually be, for native and second-language speakers and writers alike. It is great to have an experience such as working in the Writing Centre to really keep me grounded. When you stop and think about things that are simply natural to you, when you are prompted to reflect on something you might take for granted, this can often be a great (if not a bit startling) experience.

This is not to say that I have mastered the English language nor am I as multilingual as I one day hope to be (growing up in Ottawa, learning French was basically a requirement so for that skill I also count myself lucky). In the end what I mean to express is that in an environment where we facilitate learning, it can be really interesting when you are indeed the one who learns a little something about yourself.

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