creative goals at yoga

As I knew it would, sustaining this blog has proven difficult in terms of thinking of content, keeping things interesting, and of course actually producing content (hence this being only the second post).

Searching for a little inspiration, when a friend of mine here in Toronto asked if I wanted to try out a yoga class called Yoga for Creative Health, I thought ‘why not?’ With some encouragement from my best friend and yoga guru – “I love that you are always trying new and cool stuff!” – I headed to the creative yoga class and found myself making a four week commitment to yoga practice and creative activity. The instructor asked us to commit to a creative goal of any sort that we could work on throughout the month and share our progress, challenges and successes with the group. Through yoga practice, to which I am a hopeful beginner, we are opening our bodies and minds to creative thought and action in whatever way we are inspired.

Interestingly, writing was a key goal shared among the group; whether it was creative, academic, or reflective writing, this sort of expression was recognized by the group as a craft that inspires critical and thoughtful meaning-making.

I committed myself to at least one post per week and I foresee challenges that include inspiration (or lack thereof) and procrastination, challenges I have already battled (considering the yoga class was on Friday and it’s now Monday). Consistent with my work routine, I already have a long list of ideas for posts and thoughts I’d like to get out there, but as usual it’s the actual brain-to-page process that I know I’m likely to set aside for other (more important or not) things. While academically I work best independently and rarely have problems with procrastination or time-management, creatively I know that remaining accountable to my goals by having to share with the group is the best way to keep myself engaged and committed.

At least upon clicking “Publish” here I’ve fulfilled the least of my weekly goals! And since “regular exercise” is another one of my goals, there’s another check off the list with the yoga class. Win win!

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