first things first

For the past few years, my “summer to-do list” has always included “Create a blog! Write more! Get creative!” And yet summer would come and go, a few blog ideas swirling around my head but never once published. I would come up with a catchy title or two (credit on “Everything All The Time” goes to one of my favourite bands, can you guess who?) but the blog never became a reality.

This year I have started checking off quite a few goals on my list and ran down to the “blog” goal once more. I moved out to a new city, I am halfway through my MA program, and I’m starting to get more creative in my writing, research, and expression. Surely not the only remaining goal on my list, at least a blog is one I can integrate both writing and creativity into at once (well, that’s the hope, anyway).

So, here goes.

PS. “Everything All The Time” is an excellent album by Band of Horses.

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